Why a Business Phone Number is Still Important for Business Branding

The manner through which business is facilitated these days is largely based on the track-record built up, mostly through the business’s reputation with clients who have already paid for and received the service or product offering. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on where you stand as part of the team of individuals seeking to get established in whatever identified area to compete it.

Good, because that means a talented individual who has the capacity to deliver a stellar job or product can now compete with a large entity and the established market dominance to go with that size. And bad, because now a torrent of not-so-competent competitors could flood the market, many of whom make use of the advantage of being located in areas of the world where they can source very cheap labour.

Either way, that brings into focus the reasons why it’s important to have a business number, as this forms part of a solid branding strategy. It’s all about branding these days, well, in addition to customer service of course, because integrated solutions allow pretty much anyone to become a competitor.

It comes with an inherent trust-factor

A business phone number brings about an inherent trust factor which will spill over into the trust factor associated with your brand. To demonstrate with a very relatable, practical example, would you trust a company which encourages you to call them via their WhatsApp number over one which has a landline business number, which is local to their registered office location? It’s the latter, isn’t it?

The trust factor will be carried throughout all branding material, such as your business cards, your website, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation implications

Leaders in SEO listings game are those businesses which are predominantly locally targeted. That’s why many of the best SEO companies themselves have locally listed offices in every location they offer their services in. It’s perhaps an open secret by now that Google will rank your business higher if metrics such as a localised business phone number match up with the targeted area and location.

Consumers also like having the peace of mind of knowing they don’t have to go too far to get the help they may need, following the purchasing of your products or services.

A gateway to the associated communication channel

While a business phone number is clearly important for business branding, it doesn’t just end there. If someone actually calls up the number, they need to be met with a professional service and reassured that their issues will be catered for. A business answering service is a cost-effective way to ensure that your customers receive a professional and efficient service 24/7. Excellent customer service will help to build a positive brand image for the company.

So as important as a business phone number is to the branding of a business, it forms just part of the greater equation, but a very big part of that equation.

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