What you should look for in an SEO agency

Taking steps to improve your company’s rankings in the main search engines can be intimidating if you are not an expert in the finer points of search engine optimization; you know what you want but you are unsure on how to go about achieving it. This is where an SEO agency comes in. These businesses typically look after the rankings of a number of different clients across many different industries. However, not all SEO agencies were created equally.

Many start out their search for an SEO agency through Google, however, if an agency ranks highly here it is not necessarily an indicator of expertise. In many instances, the good SEO agencies are too focused on improving the rankings of their clients rather than optimising their own site. Here are some of the key indicators to look for when finding the right SEO agency for your business.

  1. An agency that evaluates your performance as a starting point

You should always be wary of an agency that tries to implement changes to your website without first having a thorough evaluation of where your web presence is at. This indicates a lack of experience and good preparation. We recommend finding an SEO agency that provides a full evaluation of your site before proceeding to make any changes. This can come in the form of consultation or an audit.

  • Excellent and actionable recommendation on how to improve the site

Following on from the initial evaluation of the site, you should try and find an SEO Company that will provide you with actionable recommendations and a plan on how to enact the changes to the site. This will help you actually start improving your rankings rather than just finding out why your website is not ranking where you feel it should be.

  • A long term action plan on how to improve and grow your business

Unfortunately, many SEO agencies and the work they do can tend to be task-oriented rather than results orientated. This is not good for your business in the long run. If your agency is results orientated, it will better match the changes to your website into your long-term business strategy. When you hire top SEO experts, like the ones found in eMaximize (Los Angeles digital marketing agency) or other similar reputed companies, they have an ongoing strategy to evaluate the constantly changing Google algorithm and know what is best for your business. It is a long-term, result-oriented strategy. Reliable digital marketing agencies also try to create an infrastructure that fosters organic traffic to your website. This is also why you should bring your business goals to the agency. If you go in and simply say ‘I want to improve my rankings’ this is often too vague and does not lead to any profitable changes being made to the site.

This is also why you should bring your business goals to the agency. If you go in and simply say ‘I want to improve my rankings’ this is often too vague and does not lead to any profitable changes being made to the site.

  • A proactive rather than reactive professional attitude

Finding strategic partnerships for your business that add value to your company is a sure-fire way to achieve long term growth. When looking for an SEO agency, try and find one that has a track record of adopting a proactive rather than reactive approach. This will take the burden off you and increase the quality of the working relationship between the two companies.

If an agency has a proactive approach to how they deal with your company, it will improve the whole process of how you conduct business with each other. You will have greater clarity over the requirements you have of your agency and in turn, they will know exactly what to deliver to you and what you expect.

Find an expert SEO agency that can provide you with excellent service

Despite what many unscrupulous ‘experts’ may say, SEO is not a short-term implementation that will instantly improve the profitably of a company, rather it is a long term plan and sequence of ongoing work that will over time improve the strength and conversion rate of a website. Therefore, seeking the assistance of SEO service providers such as Nuclear Networking, and alike, could prove beneficial to you and the growth of your website.

If you have any questions on the subject, arranging a chat with an expert SEO agency will allow you to start the process of improving your company websites ranking.

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