What type of IT support should you choose?

We know that looking for an IT support company to invest in is no easy feat, especially when you’re not sure about the type of support your business needs. Often, you’ll see these services split into two groups; break/fix support and managed services.

Both options have their advantages, however it is important to outline your business needs as well as a realistic budget. These factors will help you to decide the type of support you need. Sounds like a lot, right? Fear not, we’ve listed some of the key differences between the services, making it even easier for you to decided, check it out:


This is perhaps the most traditional model of IT support and the process works just as the name suggests, the client reports an issue and the IT provider will come to fix that issue.

This type of IT support will usually be charged on an ad-hoc and pay-as-you-go basis and based on the time and materials used. Alternatively, an IT provider may charge for a block of hours in advance which will be eaten into with each fix that is carried out.

With this model the client takes on the risk of the costs of downtime and repairs, so it is better suited to small businesses and those who don’t have a critical reliance upon IT equipment and systems.

Managed Services

The Managed Services approach to IT support means that the client pays a monthly fee and in return gets a range of services and support on a rolling basis. A monthly fee can be charged per user, per device, or for a “full managed service” which is ideal for larger businesses.

Normally a high level of support is included within the monthly fee although some providers will apply strict charges for anything that is not considered within their scope of support. Comparing the different prices of different IT service providers is key for this model, as you want to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

The types of services included:

  • IT Support Helpdesk
  • Malware Protection (Antivirus software)
  • Software Update Patch Management
  • Backup provision and management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Reporting on the health of your IT Systems
  • Strategic Advice

Managed Services are great for businesses who require a more extensive service and want a fixed monthly fee for their IT support, something the break/fix model don’t offer. This is a cost-effective alternative to hiring your own in-house technical team.

Ultimately, only you can make the decision about your level of IT support. When looking for an IT support company, be sure to evaluate all their different offerings to get the best deal.

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