What does the back and forth between Amazon and Google Mean for Future Bespoke SEO Audits?

For decades Google has been the dominant force when it comes to search engines; trailing companies like Bing and Yahoo have struggled to keep up with the innovation and this has led to the extremely Google-centric approach taken by SEOs in today’s world. There is however, a challenger lurking on the horizon.

Amazon is one of the few companies that have rivalled Google as a true conglomerate, and optimizing the SEO of your Amazon listings has become big business. Advertising through Amazon is a new trend relative to the PPC ads offered in Google. One key difference is that Amazon doesn’t capture user data for remarketing purposes.

How Amazon could be positioned to Overtake Google

Whilst Amazon does not have a search engine in its purest form it does have an engine that is being used increasingly by consumers for the most profitable searches over Google. And there are various ways Amazon is starting to eat into Google’s market share.

Product Search

Google is perhaps more closely linked to Amazon than at first seems. Google shopping is one of the main features and is often the one used by PPC marketers. However recent changes in consumer behaviour indicate a shift from Google to Amazon for product searches.

All hope is not lost for the Google fanatics, as the company are fighting back with a host of new shopping features. Google is launching a personalised shopping homepage that will allow users to shop with constant filters, save results and buy directly from suppliers. This coupled with the augmentation of shopping results on the Google images page is aimed at fighting back at Amazon and the market share they have gained.

Smart Speaker Market

With the rise of digital assistants in the home Amazon’s Alexa emerged as the early favourite amongst consumers however the Google home assistant’s use has grown rapidly in recent years. This could have a knock on effect for the search marketing industry.

As Amazon uses Bing, many looking into optimising for voice search have been focusing on this search engine. Whilst this may worry some select Google executives the fact that the company uses its own superior search engine is one of the reasons it has been adopted more by customers. All this will have a big effect on how agencies perform bespoke SEO audits in the future.

How it will change the way we perform Bespoke SEO Audits

One of the reasons young professionals get into digital marketing is to work in an industry that is constantly evolving. With the new emergence of Amazon challenging the search engine landscape, it is doing just that.

This will add some new dimensions to how agencies perform bespoke SEO audits. Factors like Amazon listings and voice optimisation on Alexa will need to be part of any audit packages in the future. If you are concerned about how your businesses’ website will perform in the changing landscape make sure you get in contact with an expert agency to arrange a bespoke SEO audit for your website.

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