Ways to Improve Your Reach on Social Media

The estimated number of social media users stands at 2.5 billion. And this number is only expected to go one way-Up!

As a business marketer, you need to be making the most of social media to promote your business. This means going above and beyond the usual hashtags and emojis that we are all familiar with.

Let stake a look at some innovative and highly effective strategies for improving your social media reach. These are the secrets that top social media marketers use and by implementing them, you can direct a steady stream of customers to your business.

1.    Using a multichannel approach

Initially, Twitter was the number one social media channel. Then came Facebook and everything changed. Markers quickly learned to love it. Now Instagram seems to be taking over.

And who knows?

Perhaps Pinterest will take over in the future.

Moral of the story…

It is not wise to focus on just a single platform as you can never know which new platform will become the favorite of social media marketers.

The point to take home is that you should understand where your target audience is and create marketing campaigns on the various platforms.

2.    Come up with new and interesting concepts

According to recent research, every person will share a good customer experience with 9 more people.  To help you develop a much more organic following, you will need to find interesting and creative ways to keep people entertained.

A good way to achieve this is to find a way to make your followers feel good about themselves.

3.    Using look-a-like audiences

Organic content is great but is not the only way to reach out to the target audience. In fact, to have the most impact, the content should also feature paid elements.

To allow you to reach out to social media users who have the same interest as you, also known as look-a-likes, the social media platform will make use of their algorithms to help you connect.

All you are required to do is to upload a number of emails that your best customers use to a social media platform such as Instagram and it will bring up other social media users with the demographics and psychographics that match.

4.    Make use of influencers

Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool to incorporate into your social media marketing campaigns. In fact, big brands like Nike and Rolex use influencers to reach out to their audience.

What’s more…

People are skeptical about the more traditional methods of advertisements. It’s very easy to ignore an ad that is placed directly in front of your screen.

Things are different with influencer marketing as social media users can trust the words of the influencer. This allows markets to develop a deeper connection with the audience.

5.    Develop a unique brand identity

The activities and interest of social media users are never static. Users keep evaluating their interests.

This is especially why it is important for users to come up with the best and most compelling brand. You should seek to stand out and remain consistent in the minds of your followers.

Otherwise, you are just going to look like a copy of another business.

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