Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Printed Packaging

Modern business is all about branding and marketing. If you can’t distinguish your brand from others and get it in front of your target demographic effectively, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling top-notch products; your business will be dead on arrival. So, you obviously want to put some time and effort into squeezing every bit of brand exposure and lead conversion out of every little thing you can.

Your brand’s packaging is one way to increase your exposure and push your business forward. A packaging specialist such as Epic Packaging (https://www.epicpackaging.co/epic-luxury-packaging) can help you design a unique package for your product. Let’s look at some additional ways that you want to adopt to increase the brand’s printed packaging using QR technology, printed tissue paper, and more.

Use QR Technology:

Those funky codes you see on most product packages these days aren’t just for looks. QR codes allow consumers to scan the product with their smartphones, receive information about the item, and opt-in to promotional deals. However, they benefit you, too.

When you have QR codes printed on your packaging, and customers use them, you gain valuable insight into your audience’s purchasing habits, gain the opportunity to push conversions directly to interested consumers, and expose your audience to more of what your brand has to offer.

It’s a win-win situation, really.

Printed Tissue Paper:

When your customer buys something nice, they expect more than just the product itself. They want a stellar presentation. You can often provide this by simply packaging it in an appropriate high-quality box and adding printed tissue paper.

Printed tissue paper adds a bit of flair to your product’s presentation, and if you design it properly, you can help build your brand recognition and distinguish your business from similar entities.

Colour and Branding Choices:

Finally, one of the biggest ways you improve your printed packaging is by making the right colour and brand imagery decisions. It’s not enough to simply toss the product in a plain box with your logo plastered across it. That doesn’t present the product in a way that gets the consumer excited and shows that you truly care about their experience with it.

Unfortunately, this is also something that will be different depending on what it is you’re selling.

The key is to match the theme and presentation of not only your brand but also the product being packaged. For example, let’s say you’re selling a gold luxury watch with black onyx accents. You wouldn’t want a coral pink box with a bubble-letter logo on it. You would want an elegant and luxurious design theme that shows your brand in a more serious and high-end light. Maybe you’re selling natural deodorant? Packaging your product in sustainable packaging made from natural materials with minimal design elements would be ideal to establish your brand as a sustainable one. Custom Boxes Design should focus on what message your brand aims to put out there, and any unique elements you want to add for it to really stand apart from the crowd. You could take the help of a firm that has the expertise to produce the kind of packaging you are looking for.

Overall, this is a more complex concept than the others, and it might be a good idea to hire a professional designer to work alongside you to craft packaging that will truly make your brand shine and impress your audience.

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