Using LinkedIn Effectively

In April 2018, LinkedIn reported that they had crossed the 500 million members mark in over 200 countries. It also included professionals from the Fortune list of the best 500 companies. It became the best online site for professionals, careers, and social networking. LinkedIn does what it says- provide an online link to the professionals and organizations to connect, share, and network. An individual can use it to find a job while companies use it for the purpose of recruitment and sharing information.

Though most people have had at least some kind of exposure to LinkedIn, only a few of them know how to use this platform smartly. These people reap the rewards of awesome networking and help build a greater, connected future. Especially, with new advance marketing software like LinkedIn automation tool, which when applied accurately, might generate business leads effectively. Such tools can optimise your LinkedIn account in every sector, be it campaigns, promotion, chats, or target audience; you can effortlessly and efficiently navigate through the application to gain privileges.

Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively?

Here are some impressive steps which help you attract more clients and gives you an advantage over your peers. Using these tips, you can improve your LinkedIn network quality drastically.

Send invites using the search engine

Many LinkedIn users are in the habit of sending requests using their email, which is wrong. Always use LinkedIn search to connect with the current business contacts. So, it is advised to search the contacts and send invites individually. You might feel a little bit annoyed at the start, but this move will be worth your efforts. Also, keep in mind that you only have a total of 3000 LinkedIn invites, so use them effectively. Do not import email contacts for sending the invitation.

Advanced search

It is an advanced feature of LinkedIn which will help you to expand your existing contact list. You can use this feature to its full extent only in the paid version of LinkedIn. But some of its key features like filtering by industry, relationship, and location are also available in its free version.

Develop connections

Always make efforts to establish a personal connection with the new contacts. Keep on sharing relevant ideas or documents which are helpful to the ones you want to make a connection with. It helps in building a bridge of trust between you and them, and they will help you later.

Join an appropriate group

You also find an option of joining a group on LinkedIn. You can join a maximum of 50 groups on LinkedIn at a time. It provides you the easiest way to interact with a large number of people in less time. For instance, if you are an orthodontist it can be an extremely effective tactic for you to join a few local groups and make connections there. You can join the group associated with your work by using an appropriate keyword.

Make your LinkedIn group live

After joining some of the relevant groups, it is your duty to make the group live. Start discussing some relevant topics with the other group members. Let them engage with you and give them your advice and share your experience. It makes you famous among other group members and they will follow you and will listen to your ideas with more interest.

Become a leader

When your group members have started following you, it becomes easy for you to share your idea or thoughts with them. You are only required to create a blog and share the post in your relevant LinkedIn group. It will earn some traffic to your blog and help you in establishing yourself as a leading authority in your respective work line. You only need to remember that the quality of your content must be excellent and display your intelligence and reliability.

Provide recommendations

There is a famous thought “Give with one hand and take with the other,” and it proves to be true here. So, don’t hesitate in giving recommendations and make sure you get some too. But keep in mind that only recommend people who are worthy and do not harm your credibility in the organization. You can also look for linkedin recommendation examples before you provide one, to know if you are doing it right or if you are having any doubts.

Remain in the spotlight

Never forgot to comment on the status updates of your contacts. Keep watching status updates on the homepage of LinkedIn and take every single opportunity as it is your last.

Send thank you messages

It is advised to send a personalized thank you message to others when you connect with them on LinkedIn. It is recommended to look at common interests and factors in their profile and after that send a text, so it doesn’t look like an automatic reply.

Endorsement feature

It works the same as the recommendation feature but in a different way. You can authorize others’ skills using this feature, and the same will happen to you in return.

Connect with other people

You can help in connecting with other people, and it will represent you as a viable referral partner. In return, those people will also promote you and your services.

Did you find these tips to be useful?

Try them today and let me know your experiences in the comments below.