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With an RSS Reader, a mobile application may aggregate various web content together in a single location for other online users to interact and view. Also known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), this technology may syndicate online resources, blog posts and articles, podcasts, videos, and various news-related feeds. When an RSS feed is in place, users may subscribe to the feeds in real-time to stay up-to-date on the latest news, brand content, and trending topics from different industries. To display an RSS reader onto your mobile application, you may reach out to a local Los Angeles mobile app development company like

What is an RSS Reader?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) consists of a URL that “syndicates” or “shares” web content from an online or mobile platform for other users to view. This RSS Reader may be managed on an administrator’s website or mobile application to automatically extract data from other sources to provide their customers the latest blog articles, online newspapers, trending media, and social media posts. Additionally, administrators managing RSS Feeders on their brand platform may update their current feeds, sort content when new items are uploaded, assign different channel items to various RSS Channels, replace URL structures, and format the RSS feed to best attract more users to your content. 

In simple terms, RSS Readers make it easier for websites and mobile applications to create a news feed that online users may share with others quickly and easily. RSS Mobile apps make viewing and sharing content easy, therefore it is important to know how to trade the news with strong confidence so that users may download your brand content  before choosing alternatives apps within Apple and Google Play stores. When browsing an item in the RSS Feed, users will see the title of the article, date of publication, length of the article, and a description of what the article is about before the review. The users may access this RSS feed from multiple iOS and Android devices and receive alerts whenever new content is uploaded onto a brand’s platform. 

Pros of RSS Readers 

From an administrator perspective, RSS Readers are easy and quick to set up, update, and maintain. The RSS Reader may be managed from the back-end of an administrator website or mobile application and may showcase content information differently in terms of information and design. Moreover, RSS Readers make it easier for sharing content online from one single location. 

As online customers or mobile app visitors subscribe to the RSS daily feeds, businesses with the software may obtain valuable client contact information to continue to provide relevant and informative content for their loyal customers. Companies with RSS Readers on their mobile apps may track the progress and performance of the technology and enable the option of sending notifications for online users whenever new content is published. Above all, having an RSS reader available for users to interact with makes it easier for users to scan different headlines and read articles from a variety of online sources.

Cons of RSS Readers 

There are many alternatives to RSS Readers. For example, there are email subscription lists and social media channels that users tend to interact with to receive news on the latest stories, podcasts, or posts. Although an RSS Reader is similar to these different technologies, it may be less popular when users are interested in staying updated with blogger content, brand publications, and real-time media. In terms of SEO, RSS may not provide a boost to search engine optimization (SEO) simply because the content shared is not unique and is instead being duplicated.  

Common RSS features

Most high-quality Mobile App RSS Readers consist of features commonly seen across different platforms. Most of the time, users will subscribe to an RSS reader on a website or mobile application that is free. This free version of the RSS reader may require user information such as name, email address, and sign-in credentials. However, a Free RSS Reader may contain paid upgrades for operating offline or access to more premium content. Additionally, RSS available for app users may read various online content across different mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. 

From within the RSS feed, the reader may display in reverse chronological order and may even display more trending or popular stories, music streams, or content higher up on the feed, rather than showcasing the most recent feeds first. When users interact with an RSS Channel item, they may gain access to the entire article and full text. Other well-known features for mobile RSS Readers apps may include bookmarking, adding to a queue, audio text reading, sharing content, or receiving alert updates. 

Top Shelf RSS Readers Apps


Feedly is a popular RSS Reader mobile application free on the iOS and Android mobile app distribution platforms. The application has a clean and user-friendly user interface (UI), navigational bar, and social sharing functions that make staying up-to-date with trending articles, posts, and news easy. Within the mobile application, mobile users may configure the default view to display only text, magazine-style, “card” mode, and dark mode layouts. Feedly also offers management of information density through their compact and comfortable view options. 

Moreover, Feedly includes trending stories, latest topics, social posts, and more from within the explore tab. Users may interact with the mobile application through swiping gestures, which allow users the opportunity to mark articles, place posts under “read later” playlists and move stories in a queue. These swiping features may be changed to best accommodate user swiping preferences. Additionally, Feedly enables sharing of articles by holding down the post to see the drop-down menu or by clicking on share features from within the particular article. For added advanced features, mobile users may opt into monthly subscriptions. 


Available on Google Play Store, Aggregator is an RSS reader mobile application for android platforms. With the app, mobile users may follow different websites’ content, receive auto-feed populations, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends. 

In terms of features, Aggregator offers various display settings like dark and light themes. The mobile application includes filtering and user-defined feed options to only show relevant and preferred feeds. Also, some alerts and notifications remind users about recent publications and unread articles. Lastly, Aggregator integrates content sharing features that offer social sharing to other active mobile app users. 


Flipboard allows mobile users to discover the latest news and follow content from their favorite online sources. The mobile application is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Composed of national and local sources, Flipboard’s RSS Reader is user-friendly and features interaction-based animations that make navigation and navigation through the mobile application entertaining and easy. When subscribing to various news and online sources, users may customize their home feed, enable smart magazines, and personalized curated feeds to best accommodate user preferences. Flipboard assists users with the following content from different industries such as photography, science, entertainment, fashion, and technology in an easy and informative way. 


With a simple and modern user interface (UI) design, Flym is a mobile application that supports RSS and Atom feeds. The Flym newsreader is available for Android mobile users on the Google Play Store and consists of various and useful tools, features, and widgets. For instance, there is offline reading with images available for Fylm app users, search tools to discover news feeds and blog posts from different online sources, and import and export feed features from OPLM. Flym users may also star and favorite specific posts that they wish to read later or share with others. 

Focus Reader

Focus Reader is a mobile application with RSS functionality in the Google Play app distribution store. The mobile application performs numerous content aggregations between a set number of online sources. From within Focus Reader, mobile users may use podcast supportive technologies, full-screen reading, dark mode displays, and easy navigation and article search tools. Focus Reader also includes article translations, swiping functionality to view multiple articles, and long press and hold interactions for sharing blogs and news with other users. 

From within the settings of Focus Reader, users may apply different article list views, such as magazine, card, and list, customize font sizes, line heights, spacing, and alignment, and change font styles. Additionally, there are various settings users may opt-in to such as auto-rollover articles, auto app synchronization upon app launch, and Volume key shortcuts for navigation. There are automatic syncing capabilities within the app that make staying up-to-date easy. Focus Reader’s premium features include additional themes, management of subscriptions to delete, rename, and create custom folders, content filter, and sort features, and multiple account access for both work and life accounts. 


In conclusion, RSS mobile app readers offer mobile users the ability to stay up-to-date on the latest content from various online sources. Although RSS readers are losing popularity due to social media, the RSS reader remains to be a simple and useful tool that makes curating and sharing different news, blog, videos, and posts across numerous iOS and Android platforms for different mobile smartphones, tablets, and smartwatch devices. The RSS readers on mobile apps may be user-managed through subscriptions or app download, which offers businesses the unique opportunity to boost their brand by publishing trending content that users will enjoy and appreciate. 


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