Three Reasons Why Your Financial Service Business Needs Professional Content Marketing

It is fair to say that every business is doing their best to cut down on costs and find new ways to maximise revenue heading forward into this incredibly unpredictable year. 2020 was a rocky road filled with uncertainty, and we all encountered new challenges and learned how to adapt, and now we need to keep taking positive steps forward.

It can’t have escaped your notice that the online marketplace became increasingly competitive throughout last year. Everyone from long-established firms to little local start-ups were sharing the exact same space and fighting for the same eyes and the same business. It’s no longer enough to coast on what was SEO-friendly a few years ago. It is time to prioritise your online presence and make sure this invaluable business tool is as sharp as it should be. Here’s why you need to bring in a professional financial services marketing team to help.

SEO Is About More Than Keywords

Do you remember that SEO workshop you did nearly a decade ago, where someone standing in front of a whiteboard broke down the basics of why we need to include keywords in our copy? Well, if your financial services business is still running off the same rusty recollections with a Twitter page and an occasionally updated blog bolted on, then you need to make some big changes.

“SEO” is about everything from meta tags to headings, and it’s only one part of a much bigger picture. A SEO and Content Marketing Agency will do a complete audit of your online presence and will walk you through all the problem areas and opportunities for improvement that you may well have missed.

SEO Requirements Vary From Business To Business

There is no one size fits all SEO strategy, because no business’ needs are exactly the same. It’s not enough to look at what’s working for somebody else and assume that it is going to help you. That is why it’s so important to make sure that the people you entrust with creating your digital strategy and honing your online content understand your business from the inside out.

A financial services content marketing agency is going to understand your goals better than a firm with broader interests. They will understand your clients’ needs, and the channels you can use to drive your business. This agency has put together a list of the classic signs that show you’re with the wrong firm. Digital Business also offers a free SEO audit to help you get started.

SEO Is Not Just About Content, It’s About The Right Kind Of Content

Anyone can flood their website with breezy blogs about nothing, filled with links and keywords. The key is to make sure that visitors to your site stick around, that the people who are clicking through are the people who are actually looking for your services.

The right Content Marketing Agency will have the skills and resources to create tailored content that is SEO-friendly, relevant and informative, and they will be able to identify the best social media channels for you to share it on. Google is continuing to tinker with how they display search results, and you need to be able to trust your agency to stay on top of any changes and keep finding those clients.

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