Three Reasons Why You Need To Install IP Cameras At Home

Home surveillance/monitoring is more accessible now, more than ever, with the help of IP cameras. If you can spare a budget for this home security feature, you should invest in them without a moment’s hesitation. Internet Protocol (IP) cameras have revolutionized the way we secure our home from possible security threats. What makes it different from traditional CCTV cameras is that you can monitor what’s happening inside and outside the premises of your house wherever you are in the world. Data is transmitted in real-time via the internet to whatever device you have, be it a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. As long as you have a network connection, you can check live video feeds of your home and be at ease that everything is alright.

Here are some reasons why you need to invest in IP cameras in your home if you haven’t already.

Have the Peace of Mind that Your Family is Safe and Secured

Nobody is ever safe even when they are in the comfort of their homes. Theft, burglary, and breaking in could happen anytime and criminals will highly likely choose a home that’s not equipped with security features such as a video security camera. If you are a working parent and you’re always on the go because of work, leaving your kids at home gets you worried. You always wonder how they are doing. Thinking if they are just fine by themselves.

Installing an indoor and outdoor security camera that transmits videos via the internet will enable you to monitor what’s been happening in your home. It’s as if you’re there monitoring their every move. That alone could take off a big chunk of worry off your chest. Most importantly, if you decide to install the best indoor home security cameras and add other home security features (for instance an alarm and motion sensors), it most likely that burglars will be discouraged to break in your home. Surveillance cameras are really a win-win investment that all homeowners must-have.

Security Cameras Help Protect Your Assets

Burglars resort to all kinds of ingenious ways in order to carry out their plan. You’ll be surprised to know that they can steal a car even without entering your garage. Consider yourself lucky if your car is the only thing missing. Imagine yourself waking up one morning only to find out that all your most valuable possessions have been stolen – jewelry, cash, devices, laptops, computers, home appliance, etc. That’s totally devastating. All your life’s hard work gone in one night. That’s why having security cameras with video feeds can be viewed using your smartphone is beneficial.

When you install a reliable wireless security camera, you prevent such a tragedy from happening. Most IP cameras and remote mobile video surveillance nowadays have the capability to notify you once suspicious activity has been detected. This gives you ample time to contact the authorities and call for help. Some systems even have the capability to call the police when a break-in is confirmed.

If you want your assets protected, consider installing IP surveillance camera apps on your phone. Here are some apps that you should seriously look into.

Apps to Make Your Home More Secure with IP Cameras

IP Security Cameras Help Protect Your Home From Fire

One of the worst things that could happen to your home is fire. If not prevented, your house could literally be turned to dust. One of the added benefits of having an IP security camera system (and probably one that is not known by many) is that it could prevent the occurrence of fire. Most security wifi camera can provide an early warning when smoke is detected in your home. Also, it could detect and warn you if a source of heat is present within the house. If paired with heat detectors and smoke alarms, IP cameras provide a redundancy system that works the same way. This is best if your heat and smoke detectors did not function accordingly for some uneventful reason. Fire can grow in a matter of minutes, that’s why an early warning can do so much. When a warning is sent, all you have to do is view your home cameras online and validate if the early warning is real. From there, you can do all the necessary actions to stop the fire or even call the local fire station if everything gets out of hand.


Security cameras are nothing new, but the emergence of smart IP cameras paved the way for making home security more accessible and convenient. With just your smartphone you can monitor your home at any time whenever or wherever you are. If protecting your family and home from any possible security threats is your number one priority, then integrating this kind of surveillance system is a must.

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