The Effect of Social Media on E-commerce Businesses Social Media and Ecommerce

Marketers and advertisers are always looking for better ways to understand their customers toward the inclination of their products. To achieve this, they need to gather a lot of information about customer preferences. Information about online users can be collected and analysed to understand consumer behaviours well. Quite several businesses are using social networks such as twitter and Facebook as one of the different ways of selling their products and services.

The Effect of Social Media on Various Business Areas

  • Politics and public service

Nowadays, personal computers have changed how things used to be traditionally. For instance, the use of social networks is changing the demography of our society’s public service to meet customer satisfaction. Face book is one of the platforms used by non-profit making organizations and political functions to reach out to thousands of people. More than two billion people use Face book daily. Twitter is also another platform used by most activists and politicians to endorse their causes. In such forums, people can share their business ideas on a one-on-one basis with their political leaders.

  • Marketing and Advertising

Industries that relied on mass-market channels like television and radio have turned to social media platforms as part of their marketing and advertising strategy. Today, major brand names boast of having a fan base of followers on several social networking sites such as Twitter, among others. Twitter has more than three thousand monthly users. Social platforms increase the proximity of the manufacturer and the consumer at a reasonable or no cost.

  • Journalism

Social platforms such as Facebook have a ‘share button’ that provides a quick and fast way to link and share relevant information to a large number of people. Others have a ‘recommend’ button that allows people to recommend a list of items to friends. Endorsement from acquaintances carries a lot of weight and can boost sales drastically. Social media has also given rise to citizen journalism, from new products, traffic updates to natural calamities. Every person who can assess a social networking site is just a click away from being a citizen journalist.

  • Business

Social presence in almost every primary industry is a common thing nowadays. Existing and emerging companies are using social media platforms to promote their products and services. For example, a business can advertise its parcel delivery service as well as get customer’s feedback on a social site. Most companies use interactions through social networks as a way of assessing their customer service. Some small or home-based business solely operates through their Facebook accounts.

  • Recruitment

Social sites like LinkedIn have transformed how human resource professionals carry out the recruitment of potential employees. Despite the arguments about the violation of privacy, LinkedIn facilitates professional networking and career advancements to a great extent.

Social Media Marketing
The numbers of social networks and internet users are ever-increasing, making it a must for major brands to adopt a social media marketing strategy and public relations tools. The emergence of social networking sites has brought a subsequent change in online customer behaviour. Social media has become a platform employed in e-commerce to market products, services, and resources to prospective customers.

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