Signs That Your Marketing Strategy Will Fail

When you check the box office numbers of a movie, you know if it will flop by merely looking at its opening weekend. It is quite rare for a film which did not do well in the first week to suddenly make it up and improve the following week.

The same thing is possible with your marketing strategies. If the responses were lame in the first hours or days, you should not expect things to turn around soon. However, if there were negative comments due to inappropriate humour or insensitive words, you can expect things to worsen over the next few days. These are some signs that your marketing strategy will most likely fail and you need to change it soon.

You do not generate any response

For instance, if you post on Facebook, and there are no reactions after an hour or so, it is less likely to improve over time. You might also notice the difference between the previous posts and the current one. If it is drastic, it is a sign that things will most likely fail. There is a problem with the post, and it will not get any better with time.

Your focus group has adverse reactions

Before movie producers release movies, they test some clips with a few people and determine their reactions. It is the reason why they reshoot some parts of the films if they do not generate the best response. You can also conduct a focus group discussion to check your marketing strategies to find out if they will create positive responses. If not, you might have to opt for changes; otherwise, the larger audience will also likely respond negatively to the campaign.

You are not confident about it

You know your strategies, and you can compare them with what you put out before. Therefore, it is easy to see if things are going in the right direction. If you are unhappy with the ad and you do not think it will succeed, it is probably going to fail. You can ask everyone else in the team if they feel the same way. At this point, you can either take the risk and pursue the original plan or implement changes.

You think you saw the ads somewhere before

If you believe the ads have been done before, but you can barely remember where or when, it means that you are coming up with a generic ad that no one will appreciate. You are on the path towards failure. If people eventually realise where your ads came from, they might accuse your company of plagiarism and be turned off. For instance, if you are going for banner printing, you need to be cautious about the elements to include; otherwise, people will find it boring. You can check out for more ideas on quality banners that might be useful in the future.

You need to act quickly and avoid releasing any ads if you are not confident that they will lead to the expected results.


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