Scale the Peak of Success at the Digital Summit DC 2019

The Digital Summit is coming to Washington, DC this September. Are you ready? This annual conference brings thousands of business professionals across numerous industries to learn the latest in digital marketing. You’ll have access to digital marketing sessions and workshops. You’ll walk away knowing more about the digital economy more than you ever did before.

If you’re attending this conference, then you’ll have to prepare for your upcoming business trip to Washington DC. Aside from the industry-leading conference, the city is filled with historic monuments and museums that need to be seen.

You should plan to book your hotel as close as you can to the Summit. If you book at Renaissance Washington DC Downtown by August 12, you can secure a discounted rate for attendees.  If you missed out on the group discount or are booking after August 12, Grand Hyatt Washington is another great choice. This hotel is located in the heart of Washington DC and puts you just steps away from the Digital Summit and all of the nearby attractions. The Grand Hyatt Washington also has 39 event and meeting spaces where you can also plan your own mini-event.

You should also explore some of the best dining that Washington, DC has to offer. Two of the best restaurants in town include CABINET’s buffet line and the Cure Bar & Bistro. While business trips don’t always include time for dining and sightseeing, here are some tips for making your trip worthwhile.

Be Prepared

Since you’re heading to Washington, DC for business reasons, you’ll want to be prepared before you attend the conference. The first thing you can do is to create a map or route from the airport or train station to your hotel. Do you want to use public transportation? Or do you plan to use a ride share service?  Either way, knowing the best route will prevent you from being taken for a ride.

If you want to drive, get clear directions to the Digital Summit. You can’t always rely on GPS or other navigational apps since they’re not always up-to-date with the latest information. And they don’t help when you don’t have cell phone service in that area.

You should rely on the devices and gadgets that will make your business trip a good one. Bring all of your battery packs and chargers to use throughout your trip. If you forget them, you’ll have to look for a public charging station, which is usually occupied. One good tip here is to bring a small power strip. That way, you can be a hero and still charge your stuff. Pack everything in your carry-on bag unless it’s an extended stay.

Keeping all of your tech essentials in your carry-on will ensure that you won’t lose them or get separated for long. This also reduces the time it takes to get going.

Dress Professionally

While you want to be comfortable, it’s important to look the part. Whether you’re traveling alone or with team members, you shouldn’t wear dress pants on the flight. You want to wear something that’s appropriate but feels comfortable. In this case, you can wear stylish jogger pants or dark denim jeans.

The sleeping arrangements should be sorted out before your trip. If you’re planning on sharing a room with a colleague, then you’ll want to bring a pair of sweatpants or pajamas so you can sleep and walk around your room comfortably.

Plan for Unexpected Downtime

Most business travelers assume they’ll be working and attended conferences around the clock. These plans usually fall by the wayside, so be prepared to be flexible. Unless you’re flying in from the West Coast, you won’t notice much of a time difference that you’ll have to adjust to. You’ll want to reduce your workload until the day you arrive. Plan to fly out on a Sunday or a day before the Digital Summit. That way you can relax and unwind before the hard work starts.

Download the Best Travel Apps

Business travelers have access to travel apps that makes their business trip easier. Most of these apps give you real-time flight times and travel routes. You’ll also determine how much a trip will cost and how long you should stay. You can also get prices for public transportation and ride-sharing services.

If you’re staying longer than expected, then use HotelTonight to book a room at the last minute for an extended stay. You can find the best hotels in Washington, DC that you’ll want to see during your downtime. If you book a room at the very last minute, then you might get a great deal.

Make Time for Fun

You should make time for fun on your business trip. It shouldn’t be all about business. A jam-packed schedule doesn’t allow you to see the White House or other monuments, so don’t overbook your appointments. The great thing about many of these monuments is that they’re open 24/7, which is perfect for busy individuals such as yourself. Your business trip is also the perfect time to get to know your colleagues.

You should plan a group activity or a sit-down dinner that allows all of you to unwind and get to know each other better. You’ll walk away from this trip with some stronger bonds. That doesn’t mean you should get carried away with the alcohol. It’s important to keep all of your activities and outings as professional as possible.


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