Organic SEO That Stands the Test of Algorithm Updates

Much to the dismay of my web designer friend who is a purist (he believes in hard-coding websites from scratch), when I got in touch with him to request that he does up this blog for me, I had a specific WordPress premium template in mind, which he subsequently went on to use. So to that end it’s no secret that this is indeed a blog running on WordPress, but my friend has since come around because as he says, “if you can’t beat them, join them!”

While I understand his desire to keep hard-coding his own websites from scratch and maintain full control over what they can do, the reality is that for those of us who aren’t that technical when it comes web design and development rely on platforms such as WordPress. Hopefully these Content Management Systems (CMSs) will remain open source and effectively free, because a lot has been invested by many contributors into positioning them as the go-to solution for those of us who just want to blog and not worry about the technical side of things.

So, since anyone can get up-and-running with their very own blog these days, the #SEOYourBlog campaign comes into focus as a vital area to look at if you want your specific blog to stand out among the masses. In my specific case it becomes a matter of using plug-ins as part of my SEO strategy, which strikes at the heart of keeping things organic and above board since I really want to implement a SEO strategy that stands the test of time and stands the test of the periodic ranking algorithm updates.

Google recently updated their algorithm, or perhaps the updates which were implemented quite some time ago kicked into gear, bumping down many of those websites whose SEO strategies were not in line with the search-engine’s optimization policies. I’m proud to say that my blog(s) survived the recent changes to remain high up in the rankings, but I attribute all of that to my genuine desire to stay authentic.

So what I usually do as part of my organic SEO strategy is focus solely on the value to be provided, so with every new blog post I write, I forget about keywords and key phrases for a bit. Once I’ve written up the post I then go back, using YOAST SEO as a plug-in to see if I can make some key changes in the content to fall more in line with optimized keyword/ key phrase placement.

If it so happens that I can’t replace the existing content with keyword optimized equivalents and make sure it sounds as natural as possible, I simply rope-in the services of a PPC consultancy to boost visitor numbers. This has yet to fail me in eventually getting the content ranked high, because what inevitably happens is the value I focused on delivering shines through. Readers end up sharing and linking to my posts naturally and organically, which, to share the ultimate SEO secret with you, is the single best and safest way to get your content ranked high.

An important thing to remember though, is the influence of good quality links to your blog and to your most important blog posts. You can put as much spend s you want behind a PPC campaign but the benefits of ranking organically by building a quality link profile will always far outweigh such campaigns. Try your best to network with other bloggers by commenting, liking, sharing and generally engaging with their blog posts – it’ll make them more inclined to help you with your great content and will give you a much needed boost.

Sometimes it can be much harder than it seems to build relationships with these bloggers though. It’s easy enough to say reach out, but how would you react to sites with a lower authority than your own reaching out and asking for help? You might get the odd sympathetic blogger who’s willing to pay it back a little bit, but majority of the time bloggers will see straight through your approach and won’t return the support, knowing you’re feeling out a backlink opportunity. That’s why sometimes it’s best to get the ball rolling with an outreach service like Big Fat Links who’ll help your site to get an initial backlinks profile that’ll convince successful bloggers that you’re already among their ranks.

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