Office Design Inspiration

If you’re in full control of the design logistics around your office, like perhaps if you’re an entrepreneur and you are your own boss, you find yourself in the perfect position to get maximum inspiration out of the design of your office space. Naturally, everything we value and take inspiration from is a result of having seen it somewhere in one form or another, so it would be accurate to suggest that there must be some television show or movie whose “boss” character you would have related to, in which case you can draw inspiration from their workspace to create your own office in which you’d remain inspired and motivated to get some serious work done.

I’m pretty sure there are plenty of aspiring bachelor-billionaire types for whom some of the best-fitting #OnScreenOffices would take the form of the likes of Christian Grey’s luxurious and open layout, or perhaps you’re more of a Silicon Valley type of up-and-comer, in which case the typical open office layout as pictured in The Social Network might take your fancy. Either way, many of the elements featured would need to be personalised more to your unique style. For instance, you might not particularly be a fan of modern art or the dominant grey colour, while you might want to keep the sparsely furnished look to emphasise quality over quantity.

Leading figures such as Miranda Priestly literally has her furniture working for her as it creates an association with the authority she holds in the fashion industry, being a high-end magazine editor and all. If this design is something you’d like to replicate in your own office, then you can start by choosing furniture, from retailers such as, Furniture At Work.

Ultimately your own DNA will have to be incorporated into the office design, but you can definitely draw inspiration from some iconic on-TV, power figures you admire.

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