Keeping your business ahead of the competition by incorporating the best SEO tips

Now that we’ve stepped into a new decade, majority of the businessmen are choosing new strategic techniques that can let them secure their future in 2020. Amidst financial contracts, monetary agreements, company procurements and developments to agree to, there is often an important resolution that is forgotten and overlooked – targeting an internet strategy. In the new decade, the influence that proper online presence will have on a company will increase manifold.

You search the internet and you’ll get thousands of SEO tips and techniques for building traffic in 2020. So, are you ready to know the best SEO Toronto tips that can uplift your business’ position in search engine results?

  • User-experience is your first priority

Brian Dean, SEO expert of Backlinko has always emphasised on the necessity of user experience signals in SEO. RankBrain is not just the third most vital factor of Google but it is also going to become even more significant in 2020. RankBrain is a machine learning system through which Google determines the pages that should rank in search engine results. Brian advises optimizing more around medium tail keywords if you want to get the biggest return of your dollars. Regardless of whether your website is on Bekins Moving Solutions moving services or something like, you have to focus on placing the right keywords in order to increase user experience.

  • Change all your high ranking posts

Andy Crestodina, another SEO expert recommends changing the posts that already rank high. Go to Google Analytics > Acquisition > Search Console > Queries and then set a filter to show phrases where the average rank of the content is more than 10 on Page 2. Rewrite those articles; add other details like statistics, data, examples, contributor quotes or images in order to improve their quality and relevance. In short, make it a page that you’re proud of.

  • Leverage the benefits of adding a video

Did you know that video marketing could spell the biggest difference in helping you bring a huge source of traffic? Despite knowing this, there are many who ignore the massive potential of a video. SEO expert, Shilpa Shah always recommends giving more importance to quality over quantity. You can’t think that you’re ahead of your competitors due to the increasing number of indexed pages as this is not an assurance of larger organic traffic. Eliminate shallow posts and superficial content and engage the readers through videos.

  • Create evergreen and authoritative content

Create long posts full of depth about a specific topic if you wish to rank them higher in Google. It has been found out that in the last 3-4 years, social sharing of content has reduced to half and this is mainly due to saturation of content (where 4 million blog posts are being posted everyday) and also due to the increase in private sharing. While majority content gets ignored, reference content and authoritative research keeps gaining links.

So, if you’re all set to jumpstart your digital business in 2020, keep in mind all the above mentioned tips and strategies shared by the industry experts.

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