Is it better to build your own website or hire someone?

There are several DIY website builders online, so you may be more than tempted to just get on with it and build it yourself. There are many elements to consider when building a website, such as layout, design, hosting, domain name registration, custom email address, and contact forms. That is a basic list of what you’ll need to know off the bat. Hiring a professional comes with a price scale dependent on the web developer’s level of experience, and your budget will determine who you hire. We’ve created this informative post to help you narrow down your options between doing it yourself and hiring an experienced website developer.

What do you need to create your own website?

Design Abilities – There are various paid applications you can use to create a website using templates and themes. Website builder applications can help you create a website in a matter of hours with minimal experience. These easy-to-use templates may be perfect for a personal blog but very often fall short of providing the professional result required for a business website.

Scheduled time to learn and create – If you only require a one-page website to boost your online presence with your social media platforms, a website builder could do the trick. With a few clicks, you can be online in a few hours or days. If you need to sell products online or need a specific design, you’ll need a lot more time learning technical tasks before implementing anything.

Why should you hire a website developer?

Expert design and website knowledge – Website developers aren’t learning on the job. They know how to create visually appealing websites with your consumer in mind. Many web developers also have experience with optimizing websites for search engines, including creating the necessary CTA’s (Call-To-Action) on your website. While web design may seem like an easy process, web developers know how to use all the elements of layout, design, and color scheme to create a website that is easy to navigate. A business website is about more than bells and whistles, it pays to hire someone for custom web design services.

Repairs and maintenance – As a business owner, you have to wear several hats, but this can take time away from your business. Hiring a web developer to build your website and having them on hand to assist with system updates is crucial to running your business smoothly. Hiring a professional web developer like Michael Anthony ( might also ensure that your site is protected against spam and hackers.

Have these points changed your mind one way or the other? Are you tech-savvy enough to build your own website? Your budget can also determine your decision, as new business owners often do not have the funds to pay someone for their services. However, this can be considered an investment in your business with low risk as you won’t waste time or resources by outsourcing this task to a professional.

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