Importance of Email Validation

Email validation is a term familiar to most people who have given email marketing a shot. Email validation is vital for a successful email marketing campaign. For those who do not understand what email validation is, it refers to a procedure that confirms if an email is deliverable and valid. What benefits does it offer?

  1. It improves email deliverability

How does this work? Through the email validation process, the invalid email addresses in your list are removed. Also, the process ensures that they are also error-free. By so doing, the number of deliverable emails increase. The issue of email deliverability has had email marketers send emails to invalid emails hence losing a lot of money on that. The return on investment is also negatively affected.

However, email validation ensures that such events do not occur, leading to a higher conversion rate.

  1. Elimination of invalid and inactive addresses hence reducing the bounce rate

One of the causes of a high bounce rate in email marketing is the presence of invalid email addresses. Just like email deliverability, the bounce rate impacts email marketing. Businesses are advised to maintain a bounce rate of not more than 2 percent. Anything more than that means that the emails are not serving the intended purpose.

Email validation scans your contact list and brings to your attention the emails that are inactive. This helps you do away with the emails that are likely to increase your bounce rate.

  1. Better campaign performance

Email validation makes your email marketing campaign effective in rather obvious ways. As aforementioned, email deliverability has an impact on your conversion rate. Through the email validation process, you ensure that all the emails you are sending are reaching the intended audience. If you can communicate with your customers, you have a chance of making sales. The reverse is also true. The same goes for bounce rate. Email validation increases the return on investment.

  1. Correction of data entry errors

The reason behind your high bounce rate or low email deliverability may be simply because you keyed in the wrong data. Email validation ensures that everything is done right. Customers may make spelling mistakes while providing their addresses. While it may be reasonable to make such errors, it can cost your campaign.

You should, therefore, consider employing email validation in your campaign. Through that, you identify such errors and correct them. That way, you will be able to take full advantage of potential opportunities.

  1. Spam traps

Email validation will also help you avoid spam traps. These are the emails that are no longer active but are still being monitored. The catch is that the moment you send an email to such an address, there is a chance that you will be reported as spam. This will affect your entire email marketing campaign.

 Experts in digital marketing can attest to the fact that email validation can save your digital marketing campaign. If you are looking to start email marketing, this is one of the strategies that you cannot afford to ignore.

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