How to Use Digital Marketing to Engage Your Customers

Businesses across the globe have taken to digital marketing as their core source of advertising. Digital marketing is generally defined as using the internet and other online networks to promote goods and services. Luckily, due to the vast growth of technology over the past decade, businesses have multiple platforms to use for digital marketing purposes. Small businesses often use digital platforms to widen their rapport with customers too, meaning we can see its advantages across business sizes and types. Keep reading to find out how digital marketing can be used to engage your customers.

Social Media

Social media has been growing in purpose as more businesses take to using it as their primary source of marketing. Social media serves as a great platform to advertise as the applications and websites are about sharing, liking and commenting on the photos and posts we like to see. In turn, the higher engagement with a post, the more likely other individuals will see it. This consistently rolls over and is when businesses start to gain new followers and thus more business.

As well as different social media algorithms being useful for small and large businesses alike, businesses can also use social media to their advantage by engaging customers as much as possible. Experts recommend that businesses attempt to use almost all the features that social media apps and sites can bring to increase footfall to their business pages. For an application like Instagram, businesses should make use of the multiple features it offers such as feed and story posting and creating shorter videos (reels). Additionally, businesses should generally attempt to interact with other businesses and customers. The more followers you have, the more likely a potential customer will see your products or services. Sites like Path Social offer to increase your follower count although there are alternatives available online as seen here These alternatives offer to grow your following organically without the use of bots or spam accounts that other site might use.

Most sites tend to work this way, and you can be sure to engage your customers by using the features wisely. Others recommend that businesses should attempt to create multiple giveaways and promotions to increase their audience and their following as a result.

Email marketing

Another fantastic way to engage your customers digitally is by using email as a form of marketing. At the moment, businesses tend to use email list building services to create a list of customers to send an email blast too. This email list can consist of current customers who are signed up to receive these emails. Email marketing can be a fantastic feature for customer engagement as the emails can consist of almost anything you want.

Currently, emails are used for sending out information about the business, product information, infographics, links to external websites and also simple engaging content. This is useful for customers as email marketing can be personalised to the recipient on the receiving end. What some businesses forget is that not all of their audience are on social media sites and have access to them; email marketing therefore acts as a great way to reach those who are missed on social media.

Don’t hesitate and build a better and more convenient relationship with your customers today. Provide 24/7 access to your brand and personalise the customer experience!

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