How to successfully start your own blog

Starting your own blog can be really beneficial! People set up blogs for many different reasons. You may have a passion for creating content and want to share it with the world, you may want to make a bit of extra money on the side, or it may be to grow your brand. Whatever your reasoning, it can be hard to know where to start. For a blog to be successful it needs time, effort and content! Refused Car Finance have broken down the benefits of starting your own blog and how to get started!

What are the benefits?

As mentioned, people set up a blog for different reasons. If you’re setting up a personal blog, you may just be looking for a space to share your views and opinions. Your passion could be business, lifestyle, fashion, travel, money, cooking or just about anything! Blogging gives you a landscape to voice your thoughts and connect with people with similar interests. Through creating content and proof reading regularly, you can also improve your writing skills and may even get feedback from other bloggers on ways to improve! It’s also a great way to grow your professional network and promotes engagement with like-minded people. One of the main benefits of a successful blog is the money you can earn from it! There are a few different ways you can make money from your blog including Cost Per Click ads, selling private ads, paid sponsored posts, affiliate links and advertising banners.

So, how do you get started?

Choose your niche, name and platform

Before you actually create the blog, you need to decide what you want your blog to be about. You may already know your niche or you may be undecided, but that’s ok. The most popular types of blogs are based around fashion, food, travel, music, lifestyle and fitness. Once you’ve decided you should then come up with a few ideas for a name. A good blog name should be descriptive and easily identifiable. It should be related to the theme of your blog and easy to remember. Before creating your domain, you can check if your blog name is available online for free. This can be done through your blog provider website or by checking it online. There are many blogging platforms and some of the most popular include WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr and Medium. Depending which one you choose will depend what you want out of your blog.

Make it your own

The content on your blog is key. But you also want it to look nice too! There are many free themes already available on blog hosting websites which you can also personalise. Alternatively, if you are a design whiz then you could try your hand at coding your own design! There are also many paid themes that you can buy which tend to have more quality designs. Even if you don’t care about design, your readers do. You want to make it as friendly and as attractive as you can! Good design also builds trust, if it looks professional then it more than likely is! Have a look at some popular blogs and get some design ideas that you like for when you create your own.

You should aim to make your blog as attractive as possible, without over doing it. Having too much on one page can make it hard for readers to concentrate and can also slow down the page speed. 39% of people stop engaging with a website if images wont load or take too long. You should also make your blog easy to navigate. Make sure your navigation menu is easy to find and structured well. You should also make any call to actions attractive and easy to use.

Create the content

Creating the best content for your blog can be time consuming but it’s definitely worth it! You should create all the content for your ‘static pages’ first. These are pages such as homepage, contact us, about us, products/services and any privacy policy info you may need. Over 50% of marketers that curate content said it has increased their brand visibility, thought leadership, SEO, web traffic and buyer engagement. Then you should start creating your blog content. If you just want to dive straight in, then great! But many marketers create a blog content strategy and content calendar before they start. This can be really beneficial as it gives your blog more structure and a constant stream of new content. Creating content and reviews about relevant products is a great way to get traffic flowing to your blog. For example, check out this Allbirds shoe review that’s generating traffic for the writer.

Promoting your blog

What would be the point in creating a great blog post that no one actually reads? According to marketing experts, you should spend as much time promoting your blog as you did creating it. One of the easiest ways to promote your blog is through social media. Whether you’re using it for personal or business use, your social media accounts can be really powerful! Depending on the theme of your blog and niche, different platforms will be more suited to you, but there’s also no harm in sharing it on multiple platforms! You can share your content on your timeline, using paid sponsored posts or within community groups. Guest blogging is also a great way to refer traffic back to your site. Simply put, you write content for another blog which includes links back to your website/blog. You can also use website which are perfectly suited to link sharing such as Quora, Reddit, StumbleUpon and many more!

About the author: Refused Car Finance are bad credit car finance specialists based in the North East of England. They help people all over the UK get the car finance deal they deserve. They also provide many thought leadership pieces across the web on all things finance, motoring and technology related.

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