How to Market a Startup

Marketing is the cornerstone of every business’s survival. This is especially so with startups.

And the reason is simple!

Most people are not aware of a new business that just opened around the corner. This lack of knowledge means that potential customers are more likely to bypass your business without making a purchase.

The idea is getting it known.

And this is where marketing for a startup comes in and also why it is so important. In fact, research shows that startups invest heavily in terms of finances and time on their marketing campaigns.

When the business has built a good reputation with its customers, its likely to get even more customers through word of mouth. But until that point, startups should concentrate on getting their business name to the public.

Let’s find out a few highly effective strategies.

Email Marketing

This is one of the most cost-effective methods to promote your startup. Once you’ve gathered enough emails, you can tailor and send promotions to potential customers.

Getting customers emails requires a completely different strategy altogether. A proven way to get emails is to use the business website to offer newsletters. To access them, customers will be required to first go through a sign-up process.

For email marketing to be effective, you should send helpful tips to potential buyers. Sending promotional content all the time will put them off and they will opt out of your newsletters.


Blogging is another excellent way to make your business known.

Research shows the businesses that have blogs have over 126% higher chance of getting more leads compared to businesses that do not have blogs.

But you have to do it the right way.

You cannot just publish content. You have to put relevant materials that your potential customers are going to be interested in.

Search engines can tell when your blog is attracting interest and will rank you even higher enabling more and more people to access your content.

Paid Search Adverts

This method is a favorite of many a savvy startup.

Businesses can get targeted traffic which they purchase from search engines. Paid ads feature a CPC or cost-per-click pricing model which then can be used to develop ads tailored to the needs of your target customers.

The CPC models mean that you will only receive payments if a potential customer clicks on your ads.

So, what happens if your content is good?

You will generate a lot of clicks of course. This is also a great way to optimize your search campaigns which ultimately results in a higher (ROI)

Social Media

Well over 2.4 billion people make use of social media and this is exactly why you should incorporate social media in your startup’s marketing campaign.

Posting relevant and attractive content on social media will get more users to notice your business brands which you can turn into loyal followers and generate leads.

Simply adding your company profile will not cut it.

You must post useful and exciting content on a regular basis to keep readers hooked.

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