How to Improve Your Google Ranking

It is an exciting feeling to own an online business. You’re now eying financial freedom, and nobody is pushing you to work when you don’t feel like it. You are the boss and key decision maker. However, owning an online company comes with its own challenges. There are competing firms like yours who will stop at nothing to beat you. They rank better in the search engines and therefore get most of the customers. What should you do?

What you need is the traffic, and the solution lies in ranking among the top in the SERPs. Here are ways you can improve your site ranking in Google search.

Get Your Structure Right

The structure is where it all begins. If your information architecture and site structure are poor, it gives the Google bots and your visitors difficulty to crawl and therefore, will affect your rankings. You want a site that is usable both on mobile and desktops. To achieve a great website structure, you need to first, conduct an SEO audit to notice specific areas of your site that needs improvement. Also, fix any duplicate content on the site.

Frequent Site Updates

By regularly updating the content on your site, you set yourself up for better rankings. Google seeks websites that are active, and you will be one of them. Because it is difficult to create products on regular basis, a blog on the site will help you out. Write and publish articles and blogs on the site concerning the latest trends and topics in your industry. This habit is good not just for the search engines, but also for your visitors who will find something every time they visit. Give them a reason to visit by only publishing useful and relevant content.

Work on the Speed of the Website

On both your mobile and desktop application, you should monitor how fast your site is performing. You can better the page speed on your website through uploading compressed and right-sized images to fit into the dimensions provided on the page.

Before you load, plugins on the website, you should be sure that you will need them because they contribute to slowing down the site. If possible get rid of all the unneeded characters on these scripts to keep the site running fast.

Internal and External Linking

Since you have a niche, most of your pages will contain stuff that relates to each other. Therefore, link the pages and content naturally with each other to help the crawlers move flawlessly from one to another. Take advantage of linking keywords in this case.

In addition, use external linking by getting other sites to link yours – what we call external linking. You can get them through buying links, guest posting, requesting others to link back, and creating content that others will voluntarily want to link back to it.

By the end of the day, you do not want to use spammy methods to rank in Google. Take your time and employ techniques that will work for you over time. Remember it is a continuous investment. The strategies above will start you off and help you rank better than your competitors.

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