How to build your blog

  1. First decisions – you have to courage to start your blog, now you have to make a decision about what type of blog you want to have. There are few categories like personal, travel, money, fashion, business, lifestyle and much more. Just choose the topic what you are most passionate about. You have decided which category you want to be in, now it’s time for naming your little baby. You have to choose name which you love and are feeling comfortable with but also name which is easy to remember and not too complicated. You also have to choose your platform. There is a few like WordPress, Wix, Blogger (those are the most common one).
  2. Personalise – this is such an important part. Don’t forget that in this case you are your own boss. Once you have decided about the platform and name it is time to make a design of your blog. Do not over do it. Make it just like you like you prefer but don’t forget that it still has to look professional and it should be easy to find things on it. The gold key is that less is more.
  3. Content – take your time with this part. Before starting your blog it is good to have few articles done already to have something to post after you start. So before you post your first article make like 2 or 3 extra ones, so while you gonna be thinking what is gonna be your next one about, you will have stuff to post. It is also good to be consistent, so let’s say that you will post every Wednesday. It is good for your readers to get used to schedule instead of randomly checking your page.
  4. Promotion – the key of this generation. Having social media which would be connected to your blog is so important. First of all because it will give you more exposure and second of all you can post more often on social media just a small post but at least your readers are gonna know that you are being active. You social media name should be matching your blog name as well.

Now I have helped you with the first baby steps, you just need the courage to do it and I believe in you. If you want to help with choosing the right platform then I would check OmdömesStalle as they are having reviews from other people about brands and platforms.

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