How to Advertise to an Older Audience

As the population gets older, the number of people age 50 and up also increases. A lot of businesses are aiming to advertise to this older demographic because there’s a great potential for high profit.


You might think that making the font size bigger and showing pictures of older people is enough to capture the interest of the older audience. But you’re wrong. It needs a bit of thoughtfulness to effectively reach the older demographics.


Here are eight ways to advertise to an older audience.


  1. Be Respectful

To advertise to an older audience, be respectful. Avoid using the words “old” and “elderly” because they entail a negative undertone, like weak or frail. Instead, refer to this older demographic as seniors or grandparents.


  1. Use Familiar Language

The best way to advertise your product or service to a certain demographic is to speak their language. Avoid using the latest internet slang or trendy words. Instead, use familiar language so the older audience can easily understand your message. Make nostalgic references and examples which can invoke their interest and help them relate to the ad.


  1. Be Straightforward In Your Message

People above 50 years old have experienced a lot of things so they can’t be fooled with flowery words. To get their attention, be direct and clear with your message. Tell them what you have to offer and enumerate the exact benefits of a product or service.


  1. Go Offline

Since most of these people aren’t on the internet, reach to them offline. Invest in print, television, and radio advertisements. The majority of them prefer traditional media than reading long blogs and visiting websites.


However, you don’t need to totally abandon online marketing. While most of your ads are concentrated offline, consider using social media to reach to certain people online. Facebook is a great medium to promote a personal product while LinkedIn is ideal for business offers.


  1. Make The Ads Legible

Most seniors have vision problems so you need to make your ads legible. Make the fonts large so they can easily read your message. I recommend using at least a 12 point font for easy reading. Use a lot of white space and make your headlines bold.


When using images and graphics, use four colors than black and white. Choose images that show the lifestyle of the group.


  1. Sponsor An Event

Another way to reach to this demographic is to create a full event specially targeted to them. If you lack the funds, you can join hands with a nursing home or a senior center to offer free products.


  1. Give Assurances

Building trust is important in your marketing strategy. One way to gain the trust of your targeted audience is to give assurances. Provide a money-back guarantee so they at ease in patronizing your product or service.


  1. Demonstrate Your Reliability

If your business exists for more than 20 years, say so. If you’re just a newbie, highlight your customer service commitment. Testimonials from previous clients and professional endorsements are other important copy elements that you should include in your ad.

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