How Online Reviews Contributes to the SEO of your Website

A major way to get traffic to your website is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The purpose of SEO is to rank higher on search engines like Google so that when people search for any keyword that is related to your niche, your website can rank high and probably be the first on the list. People would mostly click on the first few links on the search results. Once they find answers to the questions they are looking for, they would neglect others. Here are some ways online reviews contribute to the SEO of your website.

Traffic from Reviews Website
One of the ways online reviews contribute to the SEO of your website is through traffic from reviews website. When people search for your company reviews or your products/services review, review websites would dominate the list. If your company has been reviewed on the website, it could be the review of your company or the review of a list of companies that include yours that the first link on the search engine will lead to. The individual could then read your reviews and when they are cool, proceed to visit your website.

Traffic from Search Engines
You would get more searches from search engines as a result of online reviews about your website. There are other factors that Google considers while ranking websites on their search engine including how many hits to your website and how long people stay on your website. Thus, the traffic from reviews website would have increased the hits to your website and hopefully engagement time. Subsequently, you would rank higher on search engines and you will get traffic from search engines.

Backlinks for your Website
The reviews website provides backlinks to your website. This is another factor that search engines consider when ranking websites. Search engines consider the number of backlinks to your website and the quality of the backlinks. Thus, the backlinks from online review sites could also make your website rank higher and provide more traffic.

Google Trust Consumers
Google places more trust in those who have patronized your products than on you. Based on this, when people leave positive reviews for your company or products, it would prove to Google that they can proudly display your products when someone searches for effective products that you sell. That way, more people will visit your website to buy your products since it has the reputation of being effective, coupled with satisfactory remarks about your delivery process and respond to complaints.

Improved Rankings of your Products
Your products would get increased rankings when a lot of people are talking about them on online reviews website and when what they are saying is that they have used your products or services and they are satisfied with it. When people search for products with ratings of over 4 or 4.5, your products and services would most likely feature if you have been able to maintain such ranking. Thus, people will want to visit your website and patronize you.

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