Google Trends 2021: Powerful Ways to Make Use For Keyword Research

Predicting what your customers and website visitors are looking for does not require a psychic or fortune-teller. With built-in SEO tools powered by artificial intelligence in multiple search engines, you can easily tap into the minds of your potential prospects. One of the most useful tools right now is the inexpensive and efficient Google Trends tool. Giving you the technological heads-up and insights, you’ll be top of the search list in no time. How does it work?

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Tips on How to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research

Using Google Trends may seem like such a daunting task. Due to its user-friendly settings, you don’t have to be an SEO expert to navigate through it. Used to determine a term’s popularity in the search rankings, it enables website developers to monitor the behaviour of online customers on the internet.

Utilizing a historical list of the millions of queries typed in every minute, Google Trends tries to predict the question that is likely to be typed in. It’s free, updated, and efficient. It is the perfect tool for breaking into the market and increasing website traffic.

However, how can you optimize your experience when using Google trends? Well, here are some of the hottest tips:

1. Practice and Experiment

To be an expert with Google Trends, all you need is a couple of times of practice. Completely intuitive, this SEO tool begins with an analysis. There are two ways to do it. You can do this by typing in the term that you want to verify in the “Search Term” tab. It’s important to note that once you begin encoding the keyword, several suggestions will pop out right away.

This autocomplete list can already provide you with a clue about the most popular terms searched for. On another note, you can also select “Topic”, which will then show the most prominent and relevant keywords under that umbrella word. 

Both of these methods will then lead to the complete statistics report and data on the targeted word. You can then list down the words that are most useful for your site and customize them to make them more relevant to your customers. 

Sure, this is a lengthy process and it would be advisable to indulge in it only if you have the required time. In the event that your workload doesn’t permit you the time, it would be advisable to hire competent professionals to take up this load. Given the availability of marketers in each niche, finding experts whether you want personal injury law marketing service or a luxury goods marketing service, finding one should be a matter of minutes.

2. Mind the Seasonal Shifts

To survive in any market, you have to be engaging with the times. Website visitor traffic changes and shifts all throughout the year. These sudden spikes and falls are attributed to the sociological and environmental factors that affect the decision of consumers. 

Examples of these abrupt changes in interest are common during holidays and weather changes. Data show that searches about flowers are more common during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, or spring cleaning tips at home from April to June.

To use this to your advantage, you need to revamp the image of your products and services in relation to the seasonal shifts. You can be selling flowers, but change the articles to “Best Flowers for Christmas Wreaths” or “Flowers For an Autumn Wedding”, and the like.

By updating existing information and engaging with the demands of your targeted audience, you can make sure that you are relevant. To determine the popular terms and keywords, use Google Trends to see a complete layout of these popularity changes.

3. Adapt to Basic Trends

Aside from seasonal trends, there are also basic SEO fads that are useful all throughout the year. These are broader in scope and tackles topics that are on-demand every day. For a more general insight, you can type into the Google Trends’ “Topic” tab. Here you’ll find all the niches that are considered to be constantly famous year-round.

It is important to note that the usual keywords searched for are shorter, compared to actual questions and phrases. However, this is not true for all topics. You can dig deeper into the pile by trying out variations of the words and adding related phrases.

One of the best examples of this versatility in using basic trends can be seen when you click to visit this website. Being adaptive to the keyword changes and data trends will help you get in touch more with potential buyers.

4. Location Matters

Geography and demographics is a major player in the business. It determines the demand for your product and whether it would click with their interests. By using Google Trends you can single out the keywords that are most popular and relevant in that region.

Using the data gathered, you can incorporate them into your website content to make them more engaging to the locale. Localizing your product will make your services and product more reachable and relatable. 

Since Google Trends has a built-in map setting, you can easily pin the location you want to explore and know the keywords and topics that are high in their search engine rankings. A person looking for the meaning of internet marketing, for example, will use the keyword “internet marketing definition“.

5. Extend the Influence

Expanding your content and brand is the best way to open new doors of opportunities in the market. When it comes to SEO and website development, one of the things you can do is typing in the keyword or topic and clicking on related queries or topics. Google Trends will then show you a list of the top and rising trends on that umbrella topic. Now, what is the difference between top and rising?

Top popular topics refer to the highest-ranking related search that probably will last for a long time. While rising topics show the current trends of the day that can change from time to time. Taking notes of these related queries can help you repurpose the content regarding your product. Instead of just focusing on a specific box, you can gradually expand your business and follow the market trends.

6. Easy Keyword Navigation

Compared to other SEO tools, Google Trends is one of the most efficient free SEO tools in the market. With a broad evaluation and detailed data configuration, it can greatly help new website developers to get a feel of the online content business. It gives you the ability to expertly pilot the tangled webs of website creation in just a few days. Whether you are trying to search for a specific region, topic or niche, Google Trends can provide you with all keywords that are under the sun.  Using Google Trends is one of the best SEO strategies that you can try out first. And, once you’ve done it, you’ll surely shake off all those first fears of online content creation. After that, it will be a smooth ride as Google provides you with other tools that can empower you in the realm of website development.

Online business and website content creation has become increasingly popular these days. As we shift into the world of online transactions and advertising, being able to utilize the available SEO tools is a huge edge. This can transform your simple business into a booming, thriving company by simply investing your time in learning new skills and embracing the changes. So, try Google Trends right now, and discover this whole new world of content creation.

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