Factors to look out for in a reviews website

As a customer or a company owner, there are some things you want to look out for in a reviews website when you want to leave reviews for companies or when you want to collect reviews as a company owner. This is to avoid scenarios where after you have been able to collect hundreds to thousands of positive reviews on their platform, they suddenly compromise it or use it against you. Some companies, for example those who sell on Amazon, use a service such as https://www.sunkenstone.com/services/amazon-review-management/ and similar to help them manage their reviews and get the most out of their sales. Thus, this article will discuss what you should look out for in a reviews website as a company owner or customer.

The first thing you want to look out for in a review website is that it should be neutral. It should not in any way have favorites that it wants to encourage at the detriment of others. You want to be sure that the reviews website is not owned by a particular company. If the online reviews website was owned by a particular company, they could attempt to add bad reviews to the reviews of their competitors while increasing their positive reviews. They would also be able to delete any positive reviews left by a customer about them. Thus, it is important to find a neutral reviews website both as a company owner to avoid being hacked down and as a customer to avoid a situation where the reviews you have added would not count.

Free to list as a company
The reviews company should allow the listing of companies to be free. It should not be a case where companies have to pay to be listed or companies can pay to rig reviews. The best way for a company to earn from being a review website is by affiliating. Since they would be affiliating with hundreds of companies offering the same services, they would not feel the need to rig reviews for anyone, because if the reviews of some are bad, it would have been their fault. They would be content that the customers would find other companies with good reviews they are affiliated to.

Free to post as a customer
If you ever come across a reviews website that expects you to pay before you can post on their website, then you should look for the free ones. As a company owner, when you want to request your customers to leave reviews for you on an independent review website, you should make sure that you do your homework well and be sure they would not be asked to pay for reviews on the platform you would be suggesting.

The reviews website should have a reputation for being fair. There should be no scenarios where a company could pay for negative reviews about them to be deleted, neither should there be a case where they can pay for more positive reviews. The reviews website should have measures where a single person would not be able to post multiple reviews for a company, either because a company paid them to boost its positive reviews or post a lot of negative reviews about their competitor.

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