Drive Info Roaming Earnings With Real-Time Transparency – Innovation And Control

More than 60 percent of roamers don’t turn on info services since they don’t know data and are worried about bill jolt. Nearly all of the possible drifting revenue is dropped to reduced quality non-mobile access suppliers (hotels, WiFi, etc.) and also to local SIM suppliers from the visited country. The Tango DRE ™, tango Telecom’s Information Retail Engine, provides GRX/IPX sellers and operators a variety of solutions developed to raise traffic earnings and traffic for many readers such as prepaid and network types such as LTE.

The Tango DRE can empower operators to untap earnings with advanced offerings including roamer campaigns that were hushed, sponsored info drifting, breakout and corporate roaming control.

Bill Shock Avoidance

The Tango DRE incorporates charging and policy control with all self-care that is on-device to supply you a Bill Shock Prevention alternative. The solution enables operators to track, manage and develop a roaming experience. Even the Bill Shock Prevention option empowers operators and their readers to place limitations and spending and use thresholds and gives choices.

These steps incorporate alarms, decreased QoS, roaming limitations and throttling. Operators may increase the earnings potential by taking away the danger of invoice shock with use visibility and management.

Quiet Roamer Campaigns

Silent Roamer Efforts are an integral use case of this Tango DRE, providing the capability to spot and promote roamers to utilize data all in real time, with roaming promotions and plans to operators. The solution incorporates features like management and black and white black white-listing, black-out spans over quantity of messages.

Data Drifting Programs

The Tango DRE sponsored drifting data accessibility and allows operators monetise and to excite the requirement for roaming providers using campaigns and highly advanced programs such as roamer efforts.

  • Offer adaptive real-time information roaming programs based on period (1 hour, 30 times ), quantity (infinite, 10GB), place (all North America, London), program (Facebook Roaming accessibility ) – available for prompt on-device buy and real time detection
  • Shield roaming earnings from SIM-swapping along with WiFi use
  • Give roamers control and choice with simple on-device buying, self-care and real time utilization monitoring
  • Permit advanced PCC attributes like throttling, decreased QoS, etc..

GTP Routing

Our Info Roaming solution empowers roaming team operators and service suppliers to increase the earnings possible that is roaming. It’s a feature-rich and highly flexible, scalable alternative that’s capable of managing trades per minute.

  • Deployed as a GTP Router
  • Service for smart routing of traffic according to APN, IMSI and other GTP parameters to ease traffic segmentation
  • Establish revenue generating services like MVNO roaming control and business drifting solutions including alternatives for Blackberry visitors
  • Deployed as a Data Roaming Broker
  • Reduce the Price and effort needed to keep 100s of roaming agreements with other operators
  • Boost the bargaining power by negotiating as a team instead of as human operators
  • Establish new drifting products Throughout the team rapidly and cost-effectively

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