Attract New Customers with Google Shopping Ads

When shopping online for a new product, consumers prefer to have the utmost convenience. They want to know how to quickly locate the item, how to get the lowest price for it (usually using a discount code or coupons, perhaps Sam’s Club coupons), and how to get it delivered as quickly as possible. Rather than click and scroll their way through multiple pages just to find the right product and enough product information, customers want a simple solution. Google shopping ads provide just that optimal solution and are the ideal method for brands to reach customers without hassle.

Google shopping ads represent a new way of shopping online that is wholly unique from any of Google’s previous advertising options with regard to products. Any brand or business with products for sale can utilize Google shopping ads as part of the comprehensive Google Ads suite.

What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Before we explore what Google shopping ads are, allow us to paint a brief picture.

Imagine you are on a popular ecommerce site like Amazon, Lazada, Rakuten, or Flipkart. You might be searching for your desired product, perhaps it’s cool car accessories or some new furniture. You see organized search results displaying a product image, name, and some brief information about the product, before even clicking into the individual product page.

Now, imagine this experience, but instead of performing these searches on a specific ecommerce site, you see results like this when you search for a product on Google.

With Google shopping ads, you can develop ads that appear like ecommerce search results. These ads come complete with pricing, product information, product images, and even some review scores.

Google is not, however, a shopping platform. This means that when a customer sees your ads and elects to click on them, they will be taken to your desired eCommerce site to complete the purchase. This can be your own eCommerce page or a 3rd-party site; the choice is yours. However, many people do choose to use the many types of software and tools there are, whether they want to sell digital downloads or something else for example.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Google Shopping Ads

At no fault to the customer, today’s average online shopper cares more about efficiency when shopping above all else. This includes time spent on shopping and the price of the goods available. With Google shopping ads, you as the product owner can deliver all the essential information a time-sensitive customer is looking for without them having to any additional work.

By streamlining the sales acquisition process through detailed and targeted advertising, you are giving the customer more incentive to make a purchase. The benefits you give them will be returned in the form of sales.

In addition, and because Google shopping ads are simple ads and not sales mechanisms, each time a customer clicks your ad they will be taken to your website. This gives you the opportunity to send customers to a page where you can offer promotions or market other products.

It also ensures, via cookies, that this customer can be targeted for remarketing campaigns or be in your network for other display ads. For a website owner, nothing is more valuable than gathering potential customers’ information as a result of them visiting your website. What you do with that information and how you convert it into more sales is up to you!

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