Marketing has always been my main focus since I first understood the basics of business administration. Although I always knew the importance of marketing activities yet a complete exposure to the industry was necessary. Today, I call myself a marketing genius not just because of the knowledge I possess or the experience I’ve gained but also because of the fact that I can make a marketing campaign work like no one else.

Hello everybody, this is the project head of this blog. I am a blogger, marketing expert, student of the market and a visionary. While reading my blogs, you might have thought about me as a person who has an out of the box perception about the traditional business administration. Your imagination is true to an extent as I am focused on developing new aspects of running a successful business.

This blog is my sincere attempt to educate all of those who did not have the luxury to attend a business school; those who are struggling to manage a start-up and even for those are casually hovering over to learn anything new about life. It is my sincere request that you try to interpret each and every article according to your beliefs to create a whole new idea.

Now, let’s come back to marketing and the impact it has on any developed and developing business. I must admit that it is not the sole reason for a product’s success, but it is evident that great marketing can make or break any accomplishment. Even the service sector admires the priority and dynamics of marketing. There are booming online businesses that have never reached these heights if it would not have been for smart marketing activities. All in all, it won’t be wrong to say that any business depends a lot upon its marketers and their sheer skill set.

After completing a successful time in a business school, I went on to the real world and faced new challenges. I was shocked to notice that there were many real-world aspects of marketing that were ignored in formal training.  The realization was overwhelming, and I started to find a solution to my incompetence.  It was a hectic task, and the more I learned about the market, the more it confused me.

So, I went on to the path of finding help from professionals who have mastered their arts.  I was lucky to find some of the top marketers of the industry and learn the in and outs of successful marketing.  Using the new knowledge, I progressed through the hurdles and became a respected personality. But, I always felt for the ones that did not have the opportunity to learn from the greats like me. It was evident that their formal education was not enough to support them on the field and information over the internet was neither helping.

Thus, I tried to test the waters myself and explored almost all the portals that provide information about marketing or business management. To my disappointment, I could not find a website that tried to put in some sense in its content. These portals were publishing overused information jut to fill up more pages and never really tried to create better individuals.  After realizing the sad state of affairs our online presence was suffering from, I decided to create a new blog that only deals in facts.  I had the vision of a portal that not only provided up to date information to the readers but also instilled in them the required soft skills to stand out from their competition.

Again, it was necessary to keep this information free from any hefty price tags used to limit the number of skilled individuals in our industry. Everything you read in our articles is backed by facts and figures which separate us from the mumbo-jumbo written throughout the internet.

The blog has been created for serious individuals who are eager for improvement and are not afraid of facing some harsh realities. It is advised that you go through each and every article as a learning curve and never jump over new topics before mastering one. I am open to suggestions, and every comment will be entertained to make their blog a better place for readers of all kind.