A Complete Guide about SEO on WordPress

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a strategy or method used to attract more traffic on a website by ensuring that the website link ranks higher than other pages on the search engines. SEO aims at enhancing the visibility of a website. This strategy enables us to create more search-engine friendly websites that tend to offer better and more efficient user experiences. When someone is searching the web for topics that you write about, your content that has been optimized will appear higher than other links in the search results. Since people tend to open up the few top links only, more people will click on your website.

There are many factors that contribute to the visibility of a website such as the website design, on-page keywords, links and user-friendliness. However, various other elements of SEO remain unknown.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is not about tricking search engines such as Google or Yahoo. It is rather focused on designed content strategically that contains optimized codes and formatting, which enables search engines to find your website more easily. 

  • When you create a website, you decide the parts of your websites that you want to make visible for the search engine.
  • This content of yours is used by the search engine to assess and judge the quality of your content. After this, your entire website is analyzed based on a few factors.
  • Based on the assessment of your overall website and its content, your article or blog is placed in the initial rankings of the search.

Each time you send new ranking signals, search engine crawlers visit your webpage again to update the existing database information. This can either enhance or deplete your site’s ranking, considering the quality of the new data.

Why is SEO Important?

Search engines are the largest source of traffic for many websites. Search engines often use advanced algorithms to comprehend and rank web pages accordingly in their search results. However, these algorithms aren’t as perfect as you think – which means that search engines require your help to comprehend what your content is all about. Lack of optimized content is the reason your webpage might not be showing up in the search engine results.

Have you ever thought about the main purpose of creating your website? The main objective of any website is to allow people to find you. Understanding and implementing SEO can help you develop your audience. It will offer you insights about aspects that need to be prioritized and will teach you how to develop content that not only has high exposure but also offers satisfying quality to its visitors.

All those hours you’ve invested in creating a brilliant website will be pointless without SEO. A website without visibility is equal to a website that doesn’t exist in the first place. Lastly, if you don’t have many visitors on your website, then using SEO will assist you in figuring out where and why your site lacks visibility. Additionally, it will also guide you towards taking steps to improve upon your ranking.

Basics of WordPress SEO

Search Engine Optimization can get pretty technical, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Learning the few basic tips of SEO on WordPress can help optimize your web page, offering a recognizable boost in your website traffic. If you’re currently using WordPress, then you’re good to go with these tips.

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin

One of the reasons for the popularity of WordPress is the numerous plugin options they offer, and that include plugins for SEO. If you’re a beginner, then you might not be well-acquainted with WordPress plugins. Plugins are pieces of software add-ons that can be installed. These plugins bring new features and add more functionality to the WordPress website. Due to the availability of such a wide variety of plugins, customers find it really difficult to pick one. Also, WordPress helps customers choose the best plugin that fits their requirements at zero cost. There’s a plugin to assist your website in anything. There is one plug in that helps your site rank higher in search engines.

Choosing the Best WordPress SEO Plugin

There are various plugins designed to enhance your site’s SEO especially. Yoast SEO and All in one SEO pack are the most popular plugin selections according to customer demand. They provide almost the same level of service that is both effective and efficient. Yoast SEO is the plugin we use for WordPress beginners. Yoast adds a whole new variety of features that are focused on optimization.

Change Your ‘Permalink’ Structure

Permalinks are permanent URLs that direct visitors towards your website’s pages and various content. Permalinks are what individuals use to link back to your website. Their appearance greatly matters. Permalinks should have clear and expressive links that explain their content. This makes it more convenient for search engines to comprehend and get a boost in their ranking.

Build a ‘Sitemap’

All pages and content on the site is listed on a sitemap. A sitemap is assembled in a hierarchal form. It offers a very quick and efficient way to view how your website is spread out and what’s included in it. Sitemaps were initially mapped out to aid users in navigating through websites. However, the primary objectives is now to deliver information to search engine bots that are also called crawlers. Even though a sitemap doesn’t boost your site’s search engine rankings, it’s still a precious SEO tool for your WordPress site. Sitemaps allow crawlers to view all your pages on websites and comprehend how they’re related to each other. It also makes it much easier for search engines such as Google to index your website and show the applicable content in searches. Building on a sitemap to WordPress is easy — you can perform this with a plugin like Google XML Sitemaps or by using a detailed SEO tool like Yoast SEO.

It’s crucial to remember that the search engine algorithms are still growing, which means that these updates will lead search engines to deliver higher quality search results. SEO is a highly crucial tool for boosting the visibility of your WordPress site.

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