5 ways to improve your video SEO

When it comes to the world of SEO, many are focused on the optimization of websites and specific landing pages. Any consultancy agency like South Lakes SEO will make sure that you have a robust strategy that focuses on optimising all areas of your content and website.

Whilst this is important, there are also other areas of SEO which can improve the reach of your content. One of these areas are any videos that you have produced. Whether this be for your website, for your clients and for potential customers.

In today’s blog, we take a look at how you can improve your video SEO with 5 easy steps that you can implement today.

  1. Include the video transcript to improve organic keyword density

One of the best ways that you can improve your video’s searchability on search engines and other platforms is through adding a video transcript. This is good from both an SEO and usability perspective. They give search engines more to work with and can provide ways to access the content for those with hearing difficulties.

We recommend paying a little extra for a quality video transcript. This will ensure the keyword is mentioned at appropriate times and provide a better overall experience for the viewer.

  1. Develop a thumbnail your users are likely to click

If you are familiar with the world of YouTube, you will know that a video’s thumbnail is crucial to getting a good amount of views. They help to entice viewers and give them a rough idea of the video’s content. An agency like will be able to provide information on how to design the thumbnail, what colours and patterns to use and whether to include human faces or not.

  1. Include the appropriate structured and metadata

The data and information that is associated with a video are the key areas that Google looks at when determining video rankings in both YouTube and traditional searches. If you work with an expert SEO agency, they will encourage you to include optimised video descriptions, keyword tags and titles, and advise which schema markup guide to use to help Google correctly interpret your content. These when all used together can help Google determine what the video is about and where it should be placed in search engines.

Other key information that you should include are video location, date of filming, genre and length.

  1. Make sure your video landing page is optimised

If your video is embedded on your company website, it goes without saying that the landing page should be optimized. This includes adding alt tags to any images, including meta titles and descriptions for the page, and adding keyword rich and relevant copy that is going to add to the content of the video.

  1. Conduct the appropriate keyword research for the video

One of the biggest ways you can improve the SEO of your videos is by looking at the keyword research stage before you have started the video’s production. Have a look on Google and YouTube for similar videos that are answering customer questions. This will give you insight into the keywords and topics they are targeting.

Head over to an expert SEO agency for advice on how to improve visibility

Content marketing as a discipline has grown a lot in recent years and many view videos as the best form of delivering accessible content to customers. Because of this search engines like Google are becoming more favourable for video and it is a great opportunity to improve searchability on your website.

If you have any questions on how you can improve your SEO, make sure that you get in touch with an expert SEO agency. They will be able to guide you through the process of improving your video’s SEO and increase the likelihood of video views converting into valuable customers.

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