5 Tips For Startups to Create Affordable Animated Videos

It is important for all types of companies to create great video content to establish themselves as a brand. This is especially true for startups because they will need to create standout videos to win over new customers. Animated videos are one of the best types of videos you can create as a startup that will be highly effective in explaining your products and attracting customers.

What makes animated videos so great is that they can be just as or even more effective than live action videos that would most likely require a more significant production budget.

With animated videos, you have the ability to create great video content that is engaging and entertaining while still being relatively affordable, which is something that startups are always looking for.

Why should startups create animated videos?

  1. Animated videos give you more freedom to showcase your brand story in a more creative way.

Animated videos are great because they give you a much wider scope compared to live action videos. They do not have as many limitations, especially if you have great animators or have access to high-quality animation tools.

This allows you to be more imaginative and creative when creating videos about your products. You can easily display your product in different scenarios instantly and even add eye-catching effects to attract viewers.

You will have an almost unlimited amount of ideas and opportunities to consider when you use animated videos to introduce your startup in an original and memorable way.

  1. Animated videos are great for startups that will need to visualise abstract concepts and products.

As a startup, chances are that what you are offering to consumers is something that is new, unique, and innovative that most people have not seen before. This brings up the challenge of explaining what your product does and how it can benefit consumers who have not heard about anything similar to it before.

With animated videos, you can be able to inform consumers by visualising some of the abstract concepts that your product may have, especially if it is only at the prototype or beta stage.

When you create animated videos about your products, you can already create models of what the final product will look like so consumers can get a better idea of what it is and what it does even at this early stage.

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  1. It will be easier to edit and modify animated videos than live action videos.

Your startup may encounter certain situations where you will have to alter your video by adding, removing, or inserting new elements into the video to accommodate certain changes to your product.

This can be very challenging to do if you have a live action video. However, with animated videos, this task can be a lot easier.

If you have any improvements or additions to your product, it is easier to edit these onto your animated videos because you will only have to update and edit certain animated elements in your video.

5 Tips to Create Affordable Animated Videos

  1. Identify your purpose for creating animated videos.

To keep your expenses for your animation video as affordable and as efficient as possible, you will need to identify the main purpose for wanting to create these animated videos in the first place.

It would be a waste of money if you just went on to create animated videos that do not help you achieve any goals for your startup.

You will need to carefully plan out what animated videos you want to create and make sure that these videos will be relevant and productive in terms of goals and conversions so that you can make the most out of what you are spending.

  1. Decide the type of information to animate and how much will be animated.

If you feel like you will be limited financially to create a fully animated video, you can always choose to just animate the most important parts of your content.

You can rely on having live action talking head sections of your video and then choose to animate the parts of your video that will need it the most, like complicated or abstract concepts that will need visual demonstrations to make it clearer for viewers.

  1. Make sure the animated video is short and concise.

While it may sound simple enough that by creating a shorter video, you will need less amounts of animation which also means less budget to spend, it is a lot more than that.

Besides the financial advantage, creating shorter videos can also make for more engaging and effective animated videos for your viewers. A good range for your animated videos will be around 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.

This encourages you to go straight to the point with your content and your story and avoid any unnecessary elements. This allows viewers to be hooked immediately and will help them be focused throughout the whole video.

  1. Choose animation styles that are affordable to create.

Animated videos offer a lot of different animation styles which can accommodate different types of content as well. The two main types of animation are 2D animated videos and 3D animated videos.

While 3D animated videos can offer more realistic experiences and models, it can be very costly even for big businesses. In order to create 3D animated videos, businesses would need to invest in equipment such as Volumetric Capture, 3D animation software, high-performance computers, etc. However, the investment is typically justified as this kind of animation tends to be a lot more appealing and immersive when compared to their 2D counterparts.

Nevertheless, 2D animated videos are also a great option, as they are more affordable and can still be of high quality. With 2D animated videos, you will also have access to a lot of different styles like infographic videos, cartoon videos, motion graphics, or whiteboard animation videos which can cover all types of content and information.

  1. Find a sufficient animation tool or partner to help you out.

Creating animated videos can be a challenging task, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. Finding the best tool or partner to help you out will save you a lot of time, stress, and money.

Now, the important decision you have to make will be either choosing to work with an animation studio or working on your own and using an animation software like Pixcap, which doesn’t require much technical skill to use.

Both choices can have their own pros and cons. Animation software tend to be more affordable and can give you more control over the video’s content and animated elements. Animation studios, on the other hand, can have more experienced professionals and are more likely to produce better-animated videos but may charge a higher cost.

Eventually, it may be better to partner up with animation studios as you are assured of high quality animated videos made by professionals. Either way, any of these will make sure you make the most out of your animated video budget and will make your animated videos worth it for your start up in the long run.

  1. Become highly involved in the creation of your animated videos.

If you decide to work with an animation studio to help create your animated videos, it is possible for you to save a bit of your animation budget by working on some of the important video elements on your own first.

Before approaching animation studios, you can already try to work on creating scripts, crafting storyboards, and even providing the animated elements and designs you want to include in your video.

This may take a lot of work for your team but doing these beforehand can save you a decent amount of your budget.

This allows you to hire the animation studio to just fine tune and finalise everything that you have made so they can mainly focus on the production of your animated video instead of helping you out with all of the other parts of your video as well.

Creating animated videos can be a challenging and even costly task for startups that do not have any proper help or guidance. Hopefully, these tips can help you find the best deals to make the most out of your animated video budget and create great videos that you will use for a long time.

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