5 reasons Bristol is becoming a hotspot for talented SEO agencies

Whilst London is still a tech hub the UK is seeing more SEO agencies crop up outside of the capital and this is one of the reasons why we are seeing more SEO agencies in Bristol. Breakdowns in barriers for businesses are spreading the distribution of tech agencies around the country. 

  1. Variety in housing locations 

Bristol benefits from good diversity in terms of accommodation and the location of the districts. The different home sizes and areas mean digital marketing professionals are finding it easier to move to the city and more affordable given the vast difference in prices from London. 

With working from home becoming a developing trend in marketing Bristol SEO agencies are starting to offer more opportunities for employees to take flexible working arrangements. 

2. Good transport links 

With public transport, a popular choice of commuting for office workers SEO agencies in Bristol have had to reconsider their office location in relation to public transport links. Bristol is good both in terms of train links to the city and bus services around the various districts. The transport links also give you access to areas outside Bristol like Swindon, Bath and Chippenham. 

3. A Bustling tech district 

Bristol has one of the biggest tech companies clusters outside of London. This leads to increased interaction between companies and this is great for SEO agencies in Bristol as it gives them access to plenty of readymade clients with ample budgets. The close location of SEO professionals in Bristol also increases the chance for networking opportunities and social events with those in the same industry as you. 

4. Easy access to London (new one-way service opening up) 

Despite the increase in SEO agencies outside of the capital, many working in Bristol SEO agencies will find themselves needing to travel to London for both training and client purposes.

 Luckily, a new one-way service is due to open from Bristol Parkway to London Paddington in the new year by GWR and this will save SEO agency workers in Bristol a lot of time if they are travelling to London frequently. 

5. A multicultural workforce and city 

Bristol is one of the most multicultural cities in the South-West and this diversity feeds through to the skilled workforce of the cities SEO industry. Having employees with a variety of upbringings and life experience gives the agency access to different perspectives on how they do business. 

Expert agencies are also located outside of the city limits Whilst most of the SEO agencies in Bristol are located close to the city centre there are agencies further out with experience in the field. Varn is based in Bradford on Avon which is a small town located a short drive from Bristol and the M4. Get in touch today to arrange an SEO audit of your website.

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