5 Home Office Design Ideas That Are In Right Now

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Work? We all hate it right? But trust me if work is combined with a great ambiance your answer would change. Remember as a kid when you were in kindergarten and you loved doing your class work in that colorfully decorated classroom? But as soon as you reached home and had to do your homework on the same topic that you loved in class, you started throwing tantrums at your mother or nanny. Do you know why? Because ambiance matters! It greatly impacts your productivity and motivation. A good and unique design of your work space results in creative ideas too! So now let’s look at a few ideas to make your home office interesting and motivating.

  1. Black is the Key

Black is loved by many people and it’s definitely a good choice for an office space. Do you know why? Because black stands for power, prestige, independence and authority. So, furniture in black with brass accents would be a perfect choice for super sleek look and if this is paired with a blackish grey wall paint trust me it will create a better combination than burger and fries.


  1. Back to Open Shelving

Do you waste a lot of time searching for a file or a document in your drawers and your cabinets when needed? If yes then open shelving is the solution to your problem. Along with looking super cute and trendy, they also make your work more organized and easy. You can opt for either dedicating one wall for open shelving or create a grid of shelving across your whole office area. Colorful files and boxes on these shelves make the office look creative and fun too!


  1. Chair Is the Most Important Asset

Your office chair really doesn’t have to be the standard chair in all the offices because the comfort level of your chair impacts your creativity to a great extent. Sitting on a chair which is uncomfortable and uncool from 9 am to 5 pm would be a major turnoff for your motivation as well as for your productivity like you’ll continuously lose your focus while changing your sitting position. So a well-designed ergonomic chair is what you should consider investing in, after all chair is the most important furniture item of your office.

  1. Add a Little Coziness to Your Setting

Adding plush rugs under your work desk or extra soft pillows on your work chair could be good options for adding a cozy element to your office space, which will also protect your LVT flooring. Remember a cozy place could make you survive work for a little longer than usual.


  1. Planting

Gone are the times when the only place for plants was your beautiful garden. Today plants are a fit for almost every place, let it be your bed room or your living room or your work space.  Air purifying plants are the best when considering this option as many of them are known to release anxiety and reduce blood pressure and stress which are present in every work setting. Plus detoxified air would mean fresher employees and better ideas. Also, they are great decorations!

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